Add frost breath and snow effect to your Ren'Py visual novel.

Code under MIT licence. Snow and breath art assets under CC0.

Sprite and background in web build are for demonstration and do not belong to me.

Kuudere Visual novel Sprite by LisadiKaprio

Winter Landscape Backgrounds by Florassence


1. Play the game normally to see the snow and frost breath in action.

2. Download 'assets and code.zip'

3. Frost breath code is in frost_breath.rpy (it's just a fancy image).

4. Snow code in snow.rpy (also just a fancy image).

5. Put the art assets somewhere in your game's 'images' folder.

6. Check out example.rpy to see how to use everything.

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GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnimation, Asset Pack, Atmospheric, Christmas, nature, Ren'Py, Sprites, Textures, Tutorial


assets and code.zip 18 kB


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This owns! I'm using this in a project I'm about to drop a demo for, thanks so much

Very cool implementation, in addition to frost, you can also do this code to cigarettes. 

Very cool implementation!

Very cool indeed.

oh woah this is so cool! i dropped this into our community discord too hope - ren'py devs can use this